Equipment Immobilization


Safety compliance is key to ensuring a safe workplace, but it can often come at a cost of supervision, time and administration. Safety Connect IT builds into your daily processes an efficient and effective way to ensure your safety checks are completed, your Operators are aware of all current company policies and that they meet licensing or training requirements for the job.



Safety Connect IT can automatically immobilize your vehicles, including forklifts, diggers, stackers and more, until the Operator completes the required Vehicle Safety Checks on the Safety Connect IT mobile app. We can supply the required list of checks recommended by your local Safety Authority or you can build your own safety check lists, by day, week, month or annually and the first Operator on that day will need to undertake the checks to get the vehicle going.

Never miss a vehicle safety check again.

Not only that, but the safety check data will be recorded every time, stored for your required length of time, and can be reported on to Supervisors and Managers. You can rest assured that the safety checks have been completed to your schedule and your compliance requirements have been met.

Company Management and Supervisors will also be immediately alerted via an email and app notification if there is a problem with the vehicle. Minor issues will be sent to the Supervisor to acknowledge the problem but will not stop the Operator from starting the vehicle. The Company will have a record or these issues until rectified, but work can continue. If there is a major safety issue raised by the safety checks undertaken by the Operator, the vehicle will not start, and the Supervisor and Company Management will be notified. Once this issue has been resolved, the vehicle will be cleared to start, and the Company decides what are considered minor and major issue to be recorded.

Safety Checks

• Daily Safety checks
• Customize daily safety checks
• Monthly and Yearly Checks
• Set addition checks and frequencies
• Policies for Company, User & Equipment
• All checks and policies are adjustable in frequencies and format 

Licence Confirmation

• Equipment Licence
• Customize daily safety checks
• Licence renewal warnings
• Set addition checks and frequencies
• Restricts starting if not licenced to operate the equipment.


• Create company specific inductions and checks
• Set company standards for training and qualification
• Mobile notification of issues
• Authorised overrides
• Set company risk appetite


Safety Connect IT can also ensure your vehicle operator has read and agreed to your Company, User or Equipment Policies. Easily integrate this into your daily operations and save time and record keeping on which employee has read and signed off on which policy. Before starting the equipment, the Safety Connect mobile app can present any company policy you select for them to read and acknowledge. You can build in videos to demonstrate safe use or just keep Operators abreast which your company safety culture.

Safety Connect IT ensures your Operators know your company policies and safety culture.

This can be done quickly and efficiently on a regular basis, be recorded and reported on, so Management and the Board, can see your employees are up to date with all safety related information. If employees to not understand or agree their equipment can be immobilised, so the Company can be sure that all employees agree to the same standards of safety.


Using the Safety Connect web platform all Operators will have their licenses, training, tickets or other qualifications recorded with an up to date copy and full details including any expiration date. When the Operator connects to the equipment via the Safety Connect mobile app at the start of their shift, Safety Connect IT will check that they have the right licence and training for that vehicle and that it is current. If the licence is out of date or if that Operator does not have the correct licence for that type of vehicle, it will immobilize it so that the company can be 100% sure that only authorised Operators can start the equipment.

Licensing compliance checks every time a vehicle is used, automatically.

Safety Connect IT can also report on Operator licenses, notifying both the Operator and the Company when they are due to expire, so there are no gaps in efficiency and productivity and can report on what employees have the required licence immediately.

Safety is in your hands with Safety Connect IT

Making workplace safety simple and reliable by connecting people, sites and equipment with easy to use technology.