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Intro to Safety Connect IT

What is Safety Connect IT?

Safety Connect It is a web platform for company users, a mobile app for employees and a firmware device for equipment, which links all three together the present and record safety practices. It can immobilize ignition based equipment to ensure compliance is undertaken, and can be done remotely through geo location services.

What are the minimum requirements for using Safety Connect IT?

Safety Connect It web platform is cloud based and works where internet connections permit. The mobile app is android based (iPhone soon due for completion) and works in >>>more to come<<<

Do you need mobile coverage for Safety Connect IT to work?
>>>more to come<<<
Do I need my tools and equipment to be fitted?
Safety Connect IT can read a qr code from any piece of equipment and can have company documents, checks or training linked to it. However the user will not be prevented from starting this equipment. Your ignition based equipment can be fitted and will not allow the user to start it unless the required check have been performed, and the tests are passed.

Explore Plans and Features

What is the Safety First Plan?
This plan allows the user to set up a company and site for which site inductions can be done. It allows users to be set up, licences, training, qualification can all be recorded and tracked and reminders sent when they are due, so you don’t run the risk of an untrained employee using equipment.
What is the Safety Guard Plan?
This plan includes the site and user features, but can also include safety checks, training, company policy and other documents to be presented to users when using the equipment. The company can know if employees using equipment have the correct training and licences to do so. It also records servicing details and insurances.
What is the Safety Compliance Plan?
This includes all of the above features as well as forced compliance and geo location services for site inductions and automated signalling for equipment.

Getting started

Understanding roles and permissions
There are three levels of user for the system which the company sets. Company Admin can create and edit all aspects of the system, and receives alerts on all safety non compliance. Supervisors can see most components, and can address most safety issues that arise by acknowledging and resolving them. Operators only have access to the mobile app. They can see all of their own safety records, and undertake the safety process for equipment they use, as well as undertaking site inductions.
How is my company set up?
When you go ahead with a Safety Connect IT plan, we will get you started with basic company information and templates. You fill in your own safety documents, employee and equipment data (or we can arrange for support) so you can make the program work for you.
What can I add to my platform?
You can add as many sites, users and equipment you choose. Unlimited employees are included in the Safety First plan, and sites involve a monthly subscription. Equipment prices range from $19 per month depending on whether they are immobilized or not.
What are the security measures in Safety Connect IT?
Company Admins require multi factor authentication to enter the platform at login. Other users are then invited by the admin and their login verified by the system, afterwards using a 6 number pin to access the system.
Download the Safety Connect IT app
The mobile app is free to dowload but only works in conjunction with the Safety Connect It platform. You can find it in the Google Play store. It works from Nougat 3 onwards.
What are notifications?
Notification are sent to supervisors and company admin when a safety check, licence check or other verification doesn’t return the expected response. This will be in the form of email to cmapany admin and notification to both company admin and the supervisor.
What are major and minor alerts?
Major and Minor alerts are triggered by unexpected answers to questions that occur during a safety check. The company decides the level of risk and can choose whether something has a nil response, minor or major response. This determines who is notified and what happens with the equipment.
What are geofences?
Geofences are notional fences created on a map using a simple pin point selection process. These can be created for many purposes. The company can then elect what happens when equipment enters and exits the site, such as turning lights on and off, triggering a site induction and many other bespoke features can be programmed.
What safety equipment do I use?
We can set our device to your existing equipment, but we can also provide on vehicle lights and buzzers to perform automated functioning as required.

Using the platform

How can I change equipment types and models?
Having set equipment types helps to provide the right safety check and licence. Many of these can be provided when you onboard and matched to state based safety check and equipment type recommendations.
How can I deactivate a site?
You can easily deactivate a site if it is no longer being used, such as a building site which no longer needs site inductions or equipment. Firstly company admin needs to remove the users and equipment linked to the site and then deactivate, this will notify us at Safety Connect It and we will change your billing accordingly.
How can I deactivate an employee?
If an employee leaves the company, you can easily deactivate them, but all record relating to their safety performance when with your company will be stored for 5 years.
How can I retire a piece of equipment?
It’s a very simple process when you are no longer using a piece of equipment. Select deactivate from the equipment screen, and we will be notified and change your billing accordingly.

Video Tutorials

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How to create a Geofence

Safety is in your hands with Safety Connect IT

Making workplace safety simple and reliable by connecting people, sites and equipment with easy to use technology.