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Providing a safe workplace is your company responsibility and Safety Connect IT can help you put the right measures in place to reduce your risks associated with employees and equipment. Injury prevention is better than a cure and t’s important to be proactive about your safety solutions. Safety Connect It gives you full transparency over your employees skills and training, and reminds you when they need updating whether its an internal training course, licence for equipment, first aid training, company safety policy or site induction, you can quickly compliance issues before they happen.


To ensure the operator is qualified  to operate the equipment.

The platform checks the operators licences and training and if the person does not have an up to date licence that is related to the equipment it won’t start.

A User detail page:
• Identifying each user by name, position & department

B Sites:
• Allocate users to sites and departments
• Roles and responsibilities

C Emergency Contact:
• Setting emergency details so supervisor and senior management have instant access

D Licensing
• Store and set licences. These link to equipment being operated.
• Also alerts management and operators on renewals and expiry dates

E Qualifications and Training
• Maintains company created training and qualifications
• Sets an expiry as a reminder to update skills
• Could include first aid, OHS, apprentice dates, visa dates, and any specific inetrnal or equipment based training required.

Operator and Checking overview



Employees can see their own company file


Employees can manage and update emergency contacts


Employees can download copies of their licences, qualifications and training


Employees are alerted to expiry dates for licences and training


Employees can track their own safety credentials

The Safety Connect IT System


Licence checks and expiry reminders

Never run the risk of an unlicenced operator driving your vehicles. Upload copies

Qualification and training records

Make sure all employee qualifications and training are up to date. Keep certification on file

Site Inductions

Set the frequency and keep on file verified site inductions of employees.

Safety Culture

Easy mobile based delivery and recording of policies and procedures read and agreed to.

All records kept on file

All data on training, qualifications, site inductions, policies & procedures read & agreed to are kept on file in our AWS servers for 5 years.

Safety is in your hands with Safety Connect IT

Making workplace safety simple and reliable by connecting people, sites and equipment with easy to use technology.