People and Places

Easy to use site inductions, employee record keeping for licences, qualifications and reminders.

Safety First includes all of these great features:

• Unlimited employee inductions

• Your personalised company polices and procedures presented to users as required

• Employee training records, licencing and notification of expiry.

• Free app for iOS, Android, and full platform access to view

• Support available (additional)

• Add frequency automatically

• User induction and frequency records

• 5 years record storage


Tools and Equipment

Link any piece of plant or equipment to your Safety First platform so your team can use it safely.

Safety Guard includes all of the features of Safety First plus:

• Mobile based safety training and equipment safety checks for users

• Insurance, warranty and maintenance record keeping with notification for non compliance

• Match employees training and licences to equipment

• Notification to Management if safety checks aren’t passed 100%

• Equipment risk assessment and servicing reminders

• Support available (additional)

• Unlimited employee use

• Equipment safety check records

• 5 years record storage


People, Places & Plant


Safety Compliance includes everything in Safety First and Safety Guard plus:

• Geolocated inductions or standard induction

• Equipment/ vehicle immobilization for major faults, unlicenced use or non-compliance

• Geofenced equipment function control

• Ongoing Support

• Full employee, equipment and site induction reporting

• 5 years record storage

Features at a glance

Safety is in your hands with Safety Connect IT

Making workplace safety simple and reliable by connecting people, sites and equipment with easy to use technology.