Safety Services

Safety Connect IT is a company platform, linked to mobile devices via an app, and connected to your vehicles or equipment.

About the platform

The Safety Connect IT system is a company web platform and an operator mobile app which connects them both to company equipment to improve workplace safety compliance, recording and reporting.

Companies set up their staff and equipment and specify policies, procedures, safety checks and licensing that is required for the safe operation of the equipment. It is presented to the operator before use, and whatever frequency the company decodes. It is able to immobilize the equipment if certain safety measures aren’t met (eg the operator doesn’t have a current license for that piece of equipment). It can also trigger certain operations (such as lights flashing on equipment or an email sent regarding the issue to company admins) if the issue is deemed minor but needs to attended to.

It can also record those safety checks and create reports for management and boards on what safety checks have been done by when and where, so the history of safety compliance for both equipment and operators can be tracked. It is able to be used on non motorized equipment as well (but equipment will not be immobilized) which can also report on safety compliance.

It can also run site inductions for geofenced areas for operators using their mobile device.

The Safety Connect IT System


Immobilized equipment

Centralised management of company motorised assets for user verified, immobilisation-based safety compliance, checking and reporting.


Operator Licences & Training

The system will store and manage operators licences and training to confirm they are authorised to operate the equipment. If not they will be locked out.


General equipment

All types of tools and equipment can be linked to safety compliance procedures, policies and user or equipment checks.


Geolocate your equipment on site and impose site specific safety functionality. Provide site specific inductions and policies to employees.

Management & Reporting

    Of all activities relating to operators and equipment in line with company established practices.


• Licence verification
• Qualification & Training records & reminders
• Expiry date reminders
• Policy updates
• Safety reminders
• Safety culture


• Mobile based, scheduled Safety checks
• Risk assessment records
• Servicing reminders
• Insurance reminders
• Warranty records
• Immobilization on faults
• Full equipment history records


• Site inductions
• Geofenced sites
• No go’ zoning and warnings
• Automatic safety lighting
• Programmable features such as tracking, acceleration, tilt and overloading.
• Operators, Supervisors and Management linked on safety issues in real time.
• Reporting and alerts on safety issues

Safety is in your hands with Safety Connect IT

Making workplace safety simple and reliable by connecting people, sites and equipment with easy to use technology.