Workplace Safety


Workplace health and safety inductions are required to inform workers of the site rules and policies, safe work methods, to check personal protective equipment required and to explain incident reporting and security procedures. Safety Connect ensures the required documents are delivered as required, quickly and efficiently via our mobile app and recorded for future reference.


Have your employees undertake their site induction using the Safety Connect IT mobile app at your designated position, quickly and efficiently and keep each employees’ record for as long as you need.


With the Geofence component of the Safety Connect IT platform, you can also set up remote Site Inductions, triggered by the mobile app and the users location. So for any location, or for areas with specific site dangers or issues, including block out ‘no go zones’ you can be sure your employees know what to be aware of at that site.

The Safety Connect IT System


Immobilized equipment

Centralised management of company motorised assets for user verified, immobilisation-based safety compliance, checking and reporting.


Operator Licences & Training

The system will store and manage operators licences and training to confirm they are authorised to operate the equipment. If not they will be locked out.


General equipment

All types of tools and equipment can be linked to safety compliance procedures, policies and user or equipment checks.


Geolocate your equipment on site and impose site specific safety functionality. Provide site specific inductions and policies to employees.

Management & Reporting

    Of all activities relating to operators and equipment in line with company established practices.

Safety is in your hands with Safety Connect IT

Making workplace safety simple and reliable by connecting people, sites and equipment with easy to use technology.